My first project is finished

Hello community,

I finally finished my very first project in Blender. At this time I wanted to thank the whole Blender community for…

  • an incredible, amazing and outstanding rendering software
  • thousands of great tutorials that helped to learn many Blender secrets within a few months
  • help, support and answers to nearly every question
  • the chance to be creative and prosper in computer graphics for those who cannot afford to spend $5000 for a rendering software

im looking forward to blender 2.6, im sure it will knock out many commercial programs and become one of the best rendering programs of its time.

Here is the youtube link to my project, comments, critics and encouragements are very welcome.

Happy rendering, Thy

this is your first project in Blender… but of course you had already experience with other 3D softwares isnt it? cause this is impressive!!
Great work!!

Thank you for your tribute, kike.

Yes, i had experiences with other 3D software over the last 20 years, but i never got even approximately that deep. Mostly because of the pricing of commercial programs. I dont like to use cracked software, so i had to rely on trial versions of 3DS max, Maya, etc, and after 30 days i had to to realize: no i cannot afford it, because it is just a hobby…

I had some deeper experiences with PovRay (especially the quaternion fractal implementation, as a physician you might know why I loved it. I am thinking of extending my phython coding capabilities to have something similar within Blender!) and Anim8tor, but both programs are abolutely not comparable to Blender.

3 Months ago, i saw the chance to make my dream of getting deeper into 3D computer graphics come true: I stumbled over the new Blender 2.5, which is, as i cannot say often enough, absolutely phenomenal. And at the same time, i got the opportunity to get a contract for a big video / animation project starting in autumn 2010.

So i started learning, watching tutorial videos on Blender. And i was surprised again: The quality and quantity of Blender lessons is nearly as astonishing as the program itself. While most of them are free, the ones i had to pay for are fairly low priced, again, in comparison to most commercial rendering software, unbelievable.

So i managed to produce the pilot-project video i have linked above within only 3 months of learning (only in my freetime btw). And there is so much more to learn :spin: !!

I have received lots of emails about how i produced the video, and whether it was really rendered in an open source software (yes it seems i am not the only one who is overwhelmed by the quality of Blender renders), so finally i have made a little “Making of”:

Happy rendering, Thy

Its funny, I also come from PovRay… and one thing I miss from those days is that I was able to programme in PovRay. Which is something I can not do in Blender cause I dont know anything about python… I have to solve that!!!