My first project ( Rifle FR F2 )

Hello everybody and Blendermasters,
First, may I thank everyone for the many solutions I found on this fantastic forum during the development of my first project.
Since I started with Blender in Nov 2019, there will undoubtedly still be mistakes. Your trained eyes will see it. Can I get feedback please? I can only learn more
Thank you,


Considering the fact that I am struggling to find any flaws makes me surprised (and maybe a bit skeptical) that this is your first project. near-perfect modeling, amazing texturing, and even outstanding lighting. If this is truly your first project than I would like to say congratulations and that if you keep learning at this rate in a few years’ time you will be at professional industry level! Keep it up!

What an awesome work. Congratulations and keep up the good work!

How, thank you very much, for the positive feedback. This gives me great courage to realize other projects. I have to admit that for the lighting I did use the “Filmic-Blender-Master” Add On with the tutorial by Aidi Burrows and Gleb Alexandrov. I was not yet able to do this independently