My First Project Spitfire

Hi All,
After hounding everyone on this forum for so long, i finally finished my first project, a Supermarine Spitfire. I am really pleased with it but know it could do with a heap of improvement. I would love to hear your opinions and critisisms. great forum with real helpful members. thanks all.

Hey Maygrey, looks nice, especially for a first project. The modeling on the spitfire looks great. There are a few things about the scene in general that should probably be addressed though, most notably is that the lighting in the scene is off. The light in your scene is currently coming from the right side of the frame, and the background image you are using is showing the sunset happening over the horizon behind the plane. The plane should be mostly backlit. Also I’d say the brightness of your background in general is just sitting lower than it would be naturally.

One other thing I’d say is that the ground could stand to have some texture to it. I’d do some bump mapping on it and see where that gets you.

for a first project this is great, and you can certainly tell its a spitfire…so you have got the main shape correct, well done :smiley:

I agree with the lighting, and environment, which quite frankly does your model no justice…it deserves some definition around it like some real particle grass (i would recommend blender guru’s grass tutorial) and a real looking run way which i notice seems to just end at the moment and you can really tell your plane is sitting on, well, a plain…For help with the lighting, i think that turning on environment lighting would help…possible HDR lighing? dunno about HDR lighting, would need input from a more experienced blenderer for that…Keep up the good work

cmonson… thanks for reply. I did notice the direction of light alright… when i lit from back all detail lost at front… i will try multi light setups… and i suppose i got lazy with the textures on the ground will work on it

peter… must try particle grass… it would be better alright…also I have to work on the "ageing of the plane… looks very new.

thanks all for your time… really helps…