My first project, tell me what you think!

Hey! This is the first project I’ve ever released to the public, feedback is appreciated! (could not figure out how to make the image in the post real sized, click on it for a bigger version)

Also, I think the ships themselves loot a bit too unrealistic, can anyone tell me how to make them look more real?

nice pic, especially for a first-timer!

only crit is that the continents look way too big on the earth, and the blue ring around the earth. now you need to texture those babies!!

btw, :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: Welcome To Elysiun! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

many happy renders to you, and may you never stray to maya.

Darn right it’s a good shot! And who’s to say what a Jovian Super-Battle-Craft looks like, exactly? :slight_smile: It’s a good shot. Be proud of it. Make more!

thanks for the feedback, the atmosphere does need a little more work to get it right. And about the ships, to me the hull looks a little too cartonish, too plasitcy, any idea on how to get it looking more like metal? It looks good where the reflections are, but everywhere else it needs more work.

Good render for a first time. The design of your spacecrafts is quite unique but a need a texture indeed. Maybe you could UV-unwrap your models (but that would be very hard, but you can always try) and make texture for it with photoshop (or another visualisation program). Some nebulas in the background would fit the theme . And in this pic, it’s like the earth has no clouds, which is ofcourse not possible. So a cloud layer is needed IMO.

GL and Greetz

Really good! Try adding some more specularity at the spaceships

to make the ships look more metallic, make them just a hint blue (i usually have r=.8, g=.8, b=1.0 and turn up the spec a bit.

Thanks for the help, I’ve redone it with a few improvements. Here it is

I tried adding a cloud map on to Earth, but it gave me a few difficultys, I might need to do a bit more research on how.