my first project with blender.... any suggestion is welcome

i’m a blender newbie just learning blender on video tutorial about a month ago (on and off basis). Currently i trying to put what i have learn on a fairly simple project - a bedroom.
However, what i get is rather dull and unrealistic…

any comment, guide or suggestion to improve on my drawing is really needed…


First up, nice pic. Can see you’ve put some time into this, with a bit more this could be really good.

I think your main problem is texturing, everything appears too flat, you should think about adding noise textures as a heightmap to give things a little more grain. To me, the hardest part will be texturing in most work, but your lighting and general modelling looks nice and neat, I love the blinds!

look into making your objects ‘feel’ more real and i’d bet you’ll see improvements.

Rough up the pillows, a little AO and just a little less reflection on the floor.

Looks good.

Blender Internal doesn’t reflect light from surfaces. You’ll have to fake it by putting in “bounce” lights to get the indirect light that should be lighting up the ceiling and corners and walls from light reflected from the floor. (You have some of that already, but need a bit more.)

The main difficulty in getting a realistic look in Blender Internal is not the textures or additional modeling, but lies in correcting the colors. See Yves Poissant’s tutorial on Tone and Gamma Corrections and my thread Tone and Gamma Corrections where I applied Yves’ tutorial to a chess set.

Welcome to BlenderArtists :smiley:

thanks for all the comments, I’ll try to improve on my drawing tonite…
hope to get a better result then… :stuck_out_tongue:

Ninjitzue: thanks for ur suggestion, i’ll certainly look into texturing on the model… the blinds actually i get from a max model… :stuck_out_tongue:

another_noob: i’ll try ur suggestion. hopefully tonite can have a better picture

Orinoco: really good guide on tone and gamma… will certainly study it… many thanks for the links :D:D

Light and shadow create depth, just like in the old black and white movies. With proper lighting everything could be untextured and the same color while still showing depth, though it would be a little uninteresting.

Add some shadow to the scene and this will help with the flatness. You can add lights that cast shadows only without intensifying the light of the scene. Just click “OnlyShad” in the light properties of the light(s) you add for the shadows.

I just uploaded a new amended picture on the site…
I’ll keep working on it and update on the site… hopefully i can get a better result

open for any tips or suggestion :stuck_out_tongue:

Whoa! That looks good.

I gotta say the links that Orinoco posted are really useful, but there’s still a lot that isn’t sinking in about gamma correction. Maybe it’s just one of those things that we should use and try to understand.

After some testing on my project, I feel that it’s still quite far from being a good pictures…
I hope to play around with the light setting to get more grip on it as well as the texturing…
It’s quite fascinating to test all the different setting… At times, as a noob sometimes is hard to get the right feel that i want…

I guess more project to brush up my knowledge on blender…


No “maybe” about it. This is definitely something you need to work through using one of your own projects. You learn a lot about this by tweaking the settings, and you can’t do that just looking at other people’s work.

you can’t do that just looking at other people’s work

I’ve been fooling around with it. Anyway, the point that I was trying to make is that it’s something that you just use without fully understanding all the technical details. Sort of like not everyone involved in animation is going to know how to compute the dot product, cross product or parametric representation of an ellipse.