My first "project" with blender(updated 30.08.2005

Ok. I want you to remember that this is the first thing i¨m actually going to finish. I have never done anything myself, i only have done some basic tutorials in past two weeks. I would like to have some comments and suggestions from my work.

I call this project “The house” :slight_smile: and here it is!!!

This is only the beginning…

(sorry about my bad english)

is a good start.

Thats pretty good, you should put some bump maps, if there not already there, and you should light up the roof some to show the detail. But, don’t keep it lit up as a finished project. It should display a mood, and keeping it lit up will make it look fake. Good job though.

A window and a door are good for practice.

gud work, try adding some details to the house (doors,windows), a fencing maybe…

As has been hinted at above, environment will play an important part in the look of the house. Having a yard, lawn and fence will really help the scene.

OK. Some updating…

Im going to add some textures on it later… and fix the lighting…

I´d like to have some comments again, and if anyone knows a good grass tutorial, i would like to have a link :smiley:

More coming on this weekend…

Dunno about grass tutorials, but here’s a couple of grassy textures you can use:

Grass 1
Grass 2

OK. Updating again…

This time there is some textures, and i changed the outwalls too…

What do you think?

Does anyone have any ideas about what i shoul add to the scene? I¨m starting to make a door and a gate, but anything else…?

how about a doghouse? or maybe some flowers up front…

I would recomend using the fiber script to generate grass outside. The texturing looks ok, but the lighting could defintly use some work. And possibly some clouds in the sky? Just some ideas. Looks good.

lol FIBER!!! are you kidding…baby steps man, baby steps.

For a new user you have potential…you actually did alot of work to that model. bravo.

The grass could look more grassy if there were a little variation in the green colour. Or you could find an image of grass to use as a texture. If you read up on textures with alpha maps, you’ll be able to put polygon planes around the bottom of your fenceposts, and texture them to look like grass tufts.

Here’s a royalty free grass picture from Mayang’s collection:

OK. This project got boring, so im gonna leave it like this for now… Maybe i will update it again someday…

here are the results…

Even tought i leave this project for now, i still would like to have comments about my work… thanks…

Well, the modelling is very good for a first project.
The cloud texture needs quite a bit of work. Perhaps use a photo of clouds, or at least increase the detail on the procedural cloud texture you used (Assuming it is procedural). You can click the ‘paper’ button next to the preview, or, as I just found out, press real and blend as well then adjust the colours to make an interesting texture.
The ground plane seems to be behaving strangely - is it parented to the camera or something like that? Perhaps use a disc (a circle, filled). In some of the pictures the horizon is far too close to the house.

I hope these help!

I forget to fix the horizon thing… The clouds are made quickly just to have something… I will fix that maybe next week, so you¨ll see it then.