My first project

i try to make by following tutorial on youtube…and wallah

And i also welcome any kind of suggestion and ideas…


First of all… Great work! And I’m really new at this 3d art thing and is trying to learn and I’m really struggeling with texture and color so I would like to know where I can find the tutorial. :slight_smile:

I think your render turned out really nice and is complex for a first project. The picture looks very striking because of the colors and looks good as your avatar. I’m curious what your next project will be!

One thing I think would benefit your project is if the eyes weren’t so shiny. In the video Blender Tutorial: Fuzzy Stuffed Bear, the eye shader uses a Glossy roughness of 1 which is the same shininess as a mirror. If you watch the Blender Guru’s video about the Principled Shader, he explains roughness in an easy-to-understand way at the 7:39 timestamp:

Real toy bear eyes are made of plastic so the their eyes have a duller sheen and their white reflections should be fuzzy and not crisp. I made a quick render of what I mean and put some similar lighting setups so you can see how they affect the plastic shader I used. I got the plastic IOR value from Pixel and Poly’s website and used Michael Novelo’s node setup from his Blender Tutorial - Shiny Plastic Material video.

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I am pretty sure he used this Blender Tutorial: Fuzzy Stuffed Bear video by tutor4ul on Youtube:
Have fun learning! :grinning:

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Thank you very much for the help!

Great job! I started with tutor4u also.

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thanks for help and i really appreciated your comment on it…