My First project

Hi, This is my first project.

My father is going to be doing some work on his house, and needs a visual of what is going to be done. I thought it would be a good project to help me learn blender.

It’s about 50% done, I have not really got to the stage of materials etc, as I am still modeling various bits and pieces.

I have played with the glass material on the windows on the oak section, however I’m not too sure if it looks any good.

I did try mapping some bricks but i gave up as it didn’t look too good.

Any tips / crits greatful.


Very nice work. Nothing looks quite glassy yet. Toying with the specularity and ray-tracing might get you somewhere. Again, great work.

P.S. Ska does rule. :wink:

nice…im liking the modeling and such, very professional looking