My first project!

This is the first thing I’ve done outside of tutorials and simple things like swords and stuff. I’m pretty satisfied with it so far, and I think I’m done with the actual modelling. I’ve learned a lot from doing it, most importantly I learned the importance of keeping things neat, exact, and locked to the axes. Now I need to do texturing, which I’m having a very hard time with, and, hopefully, eventually give him a skeleton

you may want to smoothen up the body, especially the limbs and coat part. looks very square (it’s not lame, just square). I think you can still spruce up the modelling before you go on. I hope your sticking with the flat faced look, unless you have a really good texture for the face.

looks really good atm
only crit is his tail looks too big for his body ;p

Thanks! Yeah, the tail was meant to be a bit oversized, I like how it looks :stuck_out_tongue:

And yeah, I meant to detail the face more, but all my attempts failed. Still working on that. And I’ll try to make it less square

Thanks for the comments :slight_smile: