My first project!

ok i just finished my project ever it took me like 4 days. need some help though, had a few problems.

  1. I do not know how to put 2 of the same colors on the same object so i made the shell and bullet different objects

  2. I can only create on object? that little pink dot that stands for a object, no mater how many meshes I add they all act like they are welded together or something.

  3. i could not save my render, let it stay open for how long it said and after the time it still was not saved.

here it is, please tell me what i am doing wrong if anything.

what do you mean by your second question??? and the third question is answered very simply
redner the image (f12) then go to file and “save image” and that should save the jpg of the rendered work (simplest way)

For the first question, see this page.

And as for the second one, make sure you get out of Edit Mode by pressing TAB, then add other objects.

If you’re having problems, please post in the appropiate support forum, or refer to the manual so you can solve them before posting anything as finished work.

sry bro, was so exited wasn’t thinking…thanks for the input. never worked with anything like blender before.

saving is done by F12, then when completed… F3 while the render is the active window brings up the save render section.

welcome to blender… as for yout other question and the MANY more your going to get… this forum will be your friend… but the first thing you should do is look about for BASIC tutorials to get you the hang of hos blender operates… it makes photoshop look like MS paint… and only time… and tinkering with a good tutorial will get you going.