my first project

here’s my first project, a warehouse.
if you scroll down to the bottom of this website , you will find a download so you can view it in blender.

I think I’m managing fine, except I can’t figure out how to move the spot the camera focuses on so it’s hard to see some objects. And also, how do I actually paint an object? I know how to change the whole objects color but I can’t figure out how to just paint parts of it…
cc’s welcome!

please reply I need help! Also… that crack seen on the right isn’t really there idk why it’s showing it :frowning: I looked from every angle there definitely isn’t a crack. Also how do I actually paint my model? When I try painting part of it it actually paints the whole thing that color :frowning:
And I made a hay bale, but when I used my hay texture on it it only put it on the top of the rectangle. I did that in object mode, but just in case I did it in edit mode both by just selecting one face that didn’t get textured, and by selecting all faces but it still insists on just doing the top face. Help?

no idea bout the crack but the floor needs to be less shiny

this more like what you want?

clened up the modal and moved the light up, how often do you find the main lamp on the flaw?:smiley:
the blend

this thread should be in work in progress, read thesticky

for your outher problems reed these tutorials


ok sorry thought it goes here I’ve gone through most of noob 2 pro thought it said bring my first project to focused critique. I’ve also got 2 other projects already… a skyscraper mall-style (so you can see to the bottom) so you’ll be on the top inside looking all the way down to the bottom. That’s coming along well :slight_smile: and then I have a small castle not doing much with that already got a nice desktop pic from it with stars in the sky. Another question: how do I make the grid bigger? It does weird things to my skyscraper because it’s so big and tall… I looked in preferences but couldn’t find anything.