My first project

The prototype mechanism of my quadrupedal system. Created for my future games about robots.
Robot’s Legs adjusts to the surface of the substrate, after which it moves. Movement of body, and legs aren’t pre animated. Everything works in real time.
Inspired by Bigdog - machine created by Boston Dynamic

Need a little help with details… :frowning:

very cool. great rig, man.

Thank you. Well I’m beginner programmist. And I don’t know how to split four python scripts (one, for each leg) In to one. It may works, but still ios so messed up. I need somebody to help with that.

New UPDATE. WiTH MY system I can easily create a bipedal creatures. It’s great for dinosaur, robots, and people. Additonal head and tail. In this demo you can see a beta jump and run system. Still not fine, but I’m working on it. I think It look better than traditional solution.

Now robots follows the cursor.

I would like to suggest another type of rig. one for a vehicle, which keeps all 4 wheels on the surface while travelling on an uneven terrain. this could be very useful for animators.

Is that possible to walk, move on walls, etc. with them? Because it’s necessary for my next step. I would like to make monsters, which will walks on walls.

what’s the python expression for suction cup feet? no but seriously there is some kind of dangling physics built in like for chains and such.

Looks cool and very much behaves like that military robot dog that will one day destroy us all. Once they build a larger version.

Dude, a better lifeforms must kill a worse forms. That’s natural, and you should accept this fact. Maybe they’ll kill us, but they are our children. Born by civilisation which we created. It’s like a children of humanity. Made from steel, and polymers.

I will explain the way how it works with my next update. And simple animation. Because now it’s too messy to present it. Now it works correctly only with additional legs. (Script works only in situation, When opposite feet touch a ground).

I can say that whole idea is easy and primitive. Only a feets uses a python script. Rest of body works only by game logic.


IN THIS PART I CREATED A PISTON SYTEM FOR ROBOTS. EVERYTHING WORKS IN REALTIME , as my dinosaur from last video. above 24 FPS with about 80 animated parts, and 4 2d filters (from bl;ender resources, created by Martin Uptis). And soft shadows. On very poor, 3-years old pc. With 2gb ram and Intel core2 duo processor. In 1024 x1280 resolution.

Here’s a Simple concept of few creatures, which I would create at first. By the way, I added them to one contest. May be a little creppy…