My First Projects

Hi everyone. I am fairly new to 3D modelling. It’s been like 2 months. Most of the time I watched people work instead of actually modelling so these are kinda my first models. My first project was a Gibson Les Paul. I really loved final result. Then I did a Fender Stratocaster, well that one took a lot less time. But I kinda feel I could have done much more better. Simply because I didn’t spend any time on texturing Stratocaster. I dared to create a neck pocket that I didnt do for LP tough. At the time I didnt have a capable computer. I was barely able to work with blender when everything but the object I work with was hided. Anyway here are some pics. Please share your toughts. Thank you.

BTW I recently learned creating realistic more realistic shaders with layer weighting methods. And I find these renders kinda dull when I look them now. But still pretty good for a first timer I think.

here is another pic