My first proper project: Alliance class Light Attack Cruiser

I’ve been part of the blender community for a while now, but I never really properly pushed myself to learn blender. I was always just messing around, and not improving. Around 2 months ago, i started to do Andrew Price’s begginer tutorial series, and then on to some other tutorials and courses I found online. With all the knowladge that i gathered, I reckoned that it was about time to start a proper project. So here we go, any feedback is greatly appreciated :

—The Alliance class Light Cruiser—

The Original Idea for this project was sketched out on paper, which I then transfered into blender, where I made the hull, and placed placeholder assets on it. The first order of proceedings was to re-model the gun turrets, which honestly looked hideous in their previous form, but, after the remodel, i really like their general asthetic. They still need texturing, like much of the rest of the ship, which is still rocking placeholder textures. If anyone knows where i can find any free textures, id greatly appreciate it :). Also, as a side note, im looking for space HDR’s to put in the background, anyone know where i can get them?

Thank’s for reading if you made it this far, ill continue to update this as i progress :slight_smile:



I am 90% sure you did not unwrap this by your shelf which makes the texture look weird.I also do not understand why you used a wood texture on this spaceship.For free textures you can go on or poliigon (which i recommend the most) and just sign in for free.I could not find any space hdrs because they are not very popular but you could get away with a high res img.Also try replicating things like rockets and guns from other creations or images so you can add more detail!

It’s a scratched metal procedural texture. It’s not wood.

But, in the meantime, it’d be nice to see the engines. And it doesn’t seem to have any turrets on the bottom…