My first proper project

Ok so i bought skyrim a few weeks back and absolutely love, and i wanted to try and model my own dragon.

i say my own, i googled dragon physiology and found a pic that i liked and heres what i got so far.

Ill try and keep regular updates but this is just gonna be a ‘when i got time’ project.
though i am a bit stuck on trying to make the front arms/legs im a total noob to modelling and its not really my strong point. any pointers?

Bit of sculpting here :

not really sure how it works just trial and error really, but i love the sculpt features

Looks like you’ve got a really good start! I’d recommend modeling the entire body before sculpting anything, though!

Also, try to model in more detail. You really want to use sculpting for the really fine details :slight_smile:

Nice start! :slight_smile: I like the muscle detail in sketches.

Start on the legs,

And some on the back legs. im wondering if it would be better to extrude the front legs from the body mesh or keep them as a seperate object like i’ve got now? im planning on Re-topo (ing) it all when im done so it shouldnt make a difference right?