My first public release of a game demo !!! (Now available)

Ok, I was making this to learn about blender GE as well as a way to teach different methods using the blender game engine.

I would like to see others contribute toward this demo and keep the blend file open. The only rule is that the levels must be layout in squares, the reason why is because it doesn’t stretch and it’s uniform.

Note, keep the blend file open and share the work with others.
Don’t use any external python codes “Scripts the require python to be install” The whole point of this project is see what Blender itself can do.

There are problems with this little demo that would like to see fix such as

Fixing and improving of the AI

More characters and weapon option

More levels and a rodue like maze

Better monsters and physic

Damage points

Better UV textures and mapping

Health recovery such as potion and food.

The name of this game is called “Blendlet” once you play it you would know what game this is base off.

No comment :frowning:

A game we can “mod”. Yay! downloading.
The download doesn’t work.

broken link …

echoing, linky no worky… Sounds interesting that we can mod it. I’dlove to participate.

Huh, that’s odd, first time I use a free upload manager, anyone know what’s wrong ? They gave me this URL after I uploaded it

Try hosting here, thanks to h4x :):


Cool, I will, for now here’s another link

Note, link must be copy and then paste.

How I know when it’s finish uploading ?

Try file hosting it where bandwidth isn’t a condition… bla… I would really like to see your game, except Geocities sucks, but what can you expect,a ?

I’m trying to upload on the h4x site, hopefully it doesn’t suck as much. Not sure how to tell when upload is complete.

If anyone gets it, please say so.

Nope, sorry you stuck with geocity, anyone would like to upload it to a better one ? For anyone else who’s afraid to download it don’t worry it’s PG.

Oh, now it works %|

I made the comment about the geocities site, becuae they regulate how much bandwidth can be downloaded from your site. When I clicked on it, geocities said you have reached your limit, I couldnt dowload:-( But thanks now for providing a working linky, looks like I have a game to play!

What are the controlls? I got the key but I still cant get out of the first room.

Also, I know that you based it on midways “Gauntlet”. It was an awsome 2d maze scroller that came out in 1989 (I think), but I wouldnt play it in the arcades until 1995. As I remember “death” could only be killed with a potion and “ghosts” had to be shot (you couldnt meele ghosts like other creatures). Also they had this really challenging health system in which a quarter bought you 800 hp that started “counting down” or “wasting” on you in the form of seconds, in-short your hp was a timer. (Nostalgia)

Each key open only one door at a time. I made the level so you would have to unlock other doors enable to get out of the room.

After you get the key where the ghost is open the door that was infront of you where you started the game to get the third key.

That key will open the third door and you will find the fourth key for the last door.

I’m still working on the hit points but I would like to solve the problem with the spawning :-? I can’t use add in edit object cause it will bring the game to a slow haul.

I’m thinking of making a second level but would like to get the bugs out first, which I have trouble doing.

Oh and the controls are the arrow keys and ctrl “Control” key. I know it ain’t much right now, which I would like to see other contribute toward this theme.

Screenshot added.