My first real attempt at CG, and yes it's a chess board (sorry)

Hi All,

this is my first post here, and my first post of anything I’ve created really.

I’ve been messing around with Blender on and off for a bit of time now, so I’m not completely new to it although neither do I consider myself to be any kind of expert. After messing around with some basic modelling I put this scene together to get some experience with composition / lighting etc.

The textures at the minute are about as basic as they can be, particularly the actual chess board which is just simply a checker texture with some gloss to it. I will be updating these over the coming days but thought I’d try to get some feedback.

Any criticism welcome, and thank you in advance for viewing.

Updated the board with some marble images and seperated the tile edges slightly (not sure if I like it like this or not). Also modified the glass textures to make them not quite as relfective.

Its good but…: The actual board is my problem with the scene. The white looks like marble tiles and the black looks too glossy.

It is a nice and simple scene. I like it. The second render is the best in my opinion. Is this your first render?

I all honesty, I cannot find anything to criticise in this image (especially the second image you posted).

Foreground && Background seem dislocated.

Thanks all

@Drawingisdead - Yes the background is the environment light so it does look a bit off. I’m thinking of maybe modelling something behind to combet this.

@philosopher - It’s not my first render, but it’s the first that I thought was worth showing to anybody.

@The HK - Both setis of tiles have the same glossy settings, I think the problem is more that the white doesn’t really show in the black marble. I’ll adjust the image so the white is more prominent.

I’m assuming that you are aiming for glass with the pieces, and whilst it’s close, they look like plastic to me. It’s not a hard criticism, because it’s a nice piece of work.

It seems very good. I don’t have anything to add beyond personally enjoying the first inage more than the second–although that opinion seems to be the exception.

Looks really good for a first attempt. I would change the overall scene/background though …

Thanks DovahNanosuit & Roken for the comments.

@Roken - yep I’m aiming for glass, and until you mentioned it they didn’t look like plastic. Now all I see is plastic!!!

This update in large part is due to the viewing of this tutorial by Andrew Price - There’s also a part two that covers metal texturing.

I’ve re-worked the shaders for the pieces (hopefully now a bit more glassy) and also the actual board. Also changed the black marble texture that wasn’t that brilliant (thanks The HK for pointing this out) and added some surface imperfections.

Anyway hope you all like it, let me know what you think.

Yeah, that last render definitely added realism. Looks great!

Thanks to all of you for the comments. Although technically this isn’t finished, I’m calling this complete and moving on to my next project. After all it was only an experiment with composition and shading so I’m looking to take that forward with my next scene.

Geez. My first attempt was in Zbrush, doing a smiley face on a sphere. Great work, I wish I had your material talent.