My first "real" blender... mesh... thing

okay, sorry for the really big picture, can’t seem to get it any smaller :(. anywho, this is the first ever peice of work im truly half hapy with in blender, i think iv been using it for about 5 weeks now and lets just say this is the start of what i hope can be a “Coregazer” logo. anywho, comments and suggestions and lots of help welcome but please try and be kind as this is somthing very important to me and i have quite alot of pride over it just untill reality sinks in :). so yah, be kind but feel free to comment/give advice etc.

I like it. If you put some little arms and legs on it, you’ve got a good simple character for something.

Looks good! Is it supposed to be an eye or simply a logo/art piece?

yeah, its supposed to be an eye :). i’d quite like to be able to make it look like a damaged/burnt eye. heh. but no idea how, ty for the comments btw :).