My first real Blender project

I’m working on a logo for a game development group at school and I could really use some advice. This is my first real project using Blender, and I’m not really much of an artist.

I plan on animating the dragon to kind of fly in and burn the engraving into the wood, an effect based on something like this:

The model itself is almost 2M vertices and grinds my computer to a halt(AMD 6 core at 3.8Ghz with 12 G ram), and I’m using an HDRI image in the background.

What can I do from a technical point of view to optimize this image? And, what can I do from an artistic point of view to correct any mistakes that I have made (bear in mind that I’m not an artist so please, be gentle).


In that animation, it would be nice if you move the camera little bit during the process, so it looks more 3D. :slight_smile: I like our idea, keep it up. :slight_smile: