my first "real" car in blender

(Andy Goralczyk) #1

hey blenderheads,
i made this car [it’s called snake], this is my first one that is worth to show you.
i’m tired of adding more details, so i better stop modeling :wink:
i kinda messed it up, so i don’t wanna touch the .blend anymore but i think it’s finished now…

i’d like to hear your comments.


(ScottishPig) #2

Very fine model- the floor texture is too bumpy and shiney, considering it’s wood, but the Snake is grand. Good job. You may want a few more details though, but the texturing is fair.

(Ecks) #3

Can you make a tutorial to show us how you do that??
You are very good!
The only type of car I am able to model is f1.

gallery section this is the best f1 I never made.

Do you have a link to a tutorial of making a car? The only one I found, the text was under the picture so I understand nothing.

(muteinvert) #4

HOLY CRAP! Is it just me or are those REAL reflections!!!

(Andy Goralczyk) #5

thanks X-WARRIOR, but this was my first car, i havent used any tuts to model it… i just got a lot of inspiration from imgrandpaboy’s images [they rock!]. So u better ask him for a tutorial :wink:
i haven’t got much experience in modeling cars.

uhm… nope, they are all faked, like every reflection in blender since blender hasn’t got a raytracer… yet.

thanks for the feedback, got more comments?

(BgDM) #6

@ndy, that is pretty frickin wicked man!! I would maybe like to see some reflection on the body paint, but that’s just me. Very original design as well. I likes!!


Sorry, I forgot to mention that the door, (if that’s what you want to call it), doesn;t look like it is in contact with the rear of the door frame. Just a minor thing though.


(rogerm3d) #7

Damm thats pretty darn cool. Doors are well diffrent, bit odd and where are the headlights.
Or do the eeyball looking areas glow bright red when its dark and light up the road? 8) :wink:
Did I say that car was cool? Diffrent and definatly wicked.

(pofo) #8
  1. Cool car, wouldn’t want to go fast without doors though.

Neither the back nor the front looks like it opens, so where do I put my bag? :wink:

  1. pofo

(YAYA) #9

Well, nice work!
(and your car has a steering wheel!!, but I think you might go into probs for turns if you don’t free a little the front wheels!! :wink: )

well done

(Andy Goralczyk) #10

thanks for your comments :smiley:
the snake is some kind of concept car, that means you can’t drive it.
hehe… and it looks like you won’t be very comfortable with driving it :wink:
seems to be a good start for car modeling… maybe now i’ve got more experience to create something you can drive :slight_smile:


(Pooba) #11

Sweet car man, but it doesn’t even compare to mine :wink: lol


(Detritus) #12

Very cool! Your first car? Man, you must be VERY good at Blender, then. 1000 times better than me!