My first real finished work!!!!!


cough Ahem…

I know i did that “Gus Finds Love” thing for the WC, but that was a tutorial model. Its been about 3 months and now ive come back to blender, and actually FINISHED something. Huzzah! I know it’s crappy, and i’d love tips as to how to use diff features, etc. I’m finished with this one, so please post if you like it. Thanx.

Looks nice, good clean model

Yeah, except for the area around the eyes. I’ll try and get around to posting a wire :wink:

This is actually the one that taught me UVmapping too. I can’t figure out any unwrap method cept for Window though…

im just playing around with LSCM. I dont know how people did UV mapping without it!

how does it work?