my first real head model

(basse) #1

well… I have noticed, that some of my scenes need a character in it. and modelling the head has been the hardest part for me yet. luckily, I have been able to cheat a bit, because I haven’t really used any closeups… :slight_smile:

so, I finally gathered some courage, and started modelling a basic-style head, that I could easily modify to suit my scenes… you know, kind of starting-mesh, you know…

well, here’s one version:

and here’s another:

ask you can see, I still haven’t done the ears… those can be tricky… I have tried couple of times, and failed :slight_smile: maybe tomorrow… maybe…

comments, suggestions are ofcourse welcome.


(SGT Squeaks) #2

That second one scared me when I first scrolled over it. anyways, nice models!!!

(basse) #3

heh, yep… straight from the Coney Island :slight_smile: