My first "real" model


This is not my first model but the most complete one. I’m using Blender since 2 or 3 months only. I never use any other 3D software to model before.

I’m waiting for your comments and critics. Don’t talk too much about the interior of the car, I know it’s ugly.


Warning : The following image are about 300K each.

You should add more light, the pics are too dark. The model looks good, though. I think you should add some thickness to the roof, windshield and windows, too.

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I promise you that I will add some light today. :smiley:

steve o’steen : You can see the wire in this thread. I have made some change but not very much. I will try to update it today. I speak french too…

Some update.

The image are now less dark and the roof and window are more thick.

Thanks for your C&C.