My First Real Project Just Shipped

I am incredibly excited! I just finished my first real project. I created archaeological reconstruction footage of the temple in Jerusalem in New Testament times. The video has been professionally produced and is being distributed through Christian book stores and online.

I would like to thank everyone involved with Blender. The coders do a wonderful job. And if it weren’t for all of you on the forums helping me to learn, I would still be frustrated looking at the default scene.

Now that I have one video under my belt I’m confident and I’d like to create more. I started the project a long time ago. Since then Blender has added a lot of features, and I’d like to think I know a little more. The next video should be a giant step forward.

I love this! Thanks again guys.

Cool… it would be nice to see a link or something.

I’d love to post a few movie clips, but I’m not sure of a good way to share video. (I don’t have a personal website.) Anybody know of a good way to do that?

here’s a short sample


Here are a couple links. You can see the cover image here.

Try vuze like i did with the video’s of the blender event:“blender%20event%202007”
they provide very fast mirrors (600kb/s)
you dont have to keep uploading.
downloadable via torrents
You have to download and run an application to upload it
downloadable via torrents (for some people)

I would reccomend putting it on youtube and/or google video. I know there is a quality drop, but it can get it seen by a large number of people. Make sure to include ‘blender 3d’ in the title as well as ‘temple in jerusalem’ think of what people could be serching for. I would certainly link from my site once a reliable link is available
Very well done, congratulations!