My first (real) project

I’ve finally really gotten into blender, I’ve had it for about a year now, and had fooled around with it a little here and there, without doing anything serious, but lately i’ve had a lots of free time on my hand, and i came up wit this

yeah, i know, the pencil needs a shadow so it doesn’t look like its just floating, but thats okay for a first project, right?

Not bad for a first try. Just change the light to a spot light, and turn on shadows.

Change light to a spotlight via right clicking the lamp out of edit mode, then going to the lights menu (down below). Click spotlight, and adjust as needed. Now, go to display and search for the Shadows button, click it, and, if you already haven’t (which I think you did), click OSA.

you stole my lamp you bastard :slight_smile: ill have to see if i can dig up the image later - must go to work now…

and yes that lamp is sitting on my desk heh
nice work!