My first "real project"

This is my first project where i didnt just fool around.

I see no pic. upload it hommie…

woops, I lied, I’m on the school comp so it blocked it, I’ll look at it later :frowning:

For a first project its pretty good.

No spherical reflective balls rolling around? :wink:

Not bad!

ok, I’m back. lol, I was on the school comp so it blocks some images I guess… Nice work for being your first, but I have a few suggestions.
I can’t really tell what the background stuff is, so I’ll say somthin abot the cup. The cup’s top edge is far to sharp. If it’s not subsurfed, it should be. If it is, you should round the top more. and, for glass, blender internal is not a smart render. Download yafray -
here’s in image I did in very short time:
notice how it has depth to it, yafray does that. congrats though, glass is not always easy to make. Nice job

(if you can’t get yafray to work set IOR up in the glass material :slight_smile: )