my first real project

Ok so I’ve been using Blender for about 2 weeks (hardcore use that is). I’ve known about Blender for about a year. The only other thing I’ve done before this was the gingerbread man tut.

Anyway I still need to do the feet, tweek the fingers, and add hip plates as well as close up the space near the hip some more. Also need to texture everything. Plus I have the almighty head to do. That is going to take forever.

Anyway the whole purpose of my projects is to rig them and then animate them for the purposes of using them again as sprites in a game. This way is much easier in the long run as I only have to work on the model then I can relatively easily position it however I want. A lot faster, maintains porportions much better, and is not so time consuming or prone to mistakes.

Anyway enough blabbling, I know there are a ton of mistakes in it, so hit me with em. I figure this is the beginning of a long and beautiful relationship between me and Blender.



First off, they look great for only working in Blender for 2 weeks. And you may want to change your name to 3disbetter. HAHA


Thanks for your comments. My sig, which I just edited should clear up the name confusion. I should have thoguht about that before using that screen name here. It’s just force of habbit. Kind of my screen name everywhere.


thats nice for two weeks. Make sure you read enough stuff on lighting, it’s a really important thing.

And dont listen to 3dak lol. Be proud of your name:)

So here is the latest render of the robot. I will be adding feature (such as the optical equipment, and texturing, etc) later. Please let me know what you think. I know there are a lot of optimizations that could be done. Please hit me with them. Thanks for any replies.



Sorry for not being on topic, but the old MS-DOS graphics are the best!

And your model is clever, because it doesn’t look like a newbie model but it has really simple geomotry.

Oh, and if your asking for optimaization, post the wireframe.