My first "REAL" scene!

I was sitting in school one day and i got an idea for a scene. I pictured a broken down house with a drunk sitting in the stairs trying to stand up. This was the result after 2 hours of Blending. By the way this pic was rendered without Motion blur so bare with me!
:smiley: :slight_smile: :frowning: [/img]

Really nice! I like the lighting especially. The lamp itself is some what lacking but hey, who cares?


On my monitor, it came out VEEEEEERY dark, hard to see much. :frowning:
maybe this was intended, or maybe i just need to adjust monitor settings.

It is dark.

That’s always useful to have a tool handy to adjust the gamma when viewing othe peoples work.

Otherwise it is, as said, strong by its athmosphere. Excellent debut. The perso… I mean ‘character’, is either quite drunk or a bit on tetanos. :wink:


good work…
try to add some shadows, and the lightbulp is yellow, but light itself inthe room, looks very white…
also you could try to move the camera a bit… to create mood mood to the picture…try a different angles…


The lightbulp is yellow because I was trying to create the illusion of it emitting light. Butt it did not work.

Maybe try turning on OSA and selecting 16. seems to be a few rough edges. Subsurf or set smoothe on a couple of things might also improve (The light looks kind of hard. Maybe it’s just me). Pretty good though

The mood is very good, but I’d like to see it a little bit brighter - not much, though. They’re right about the lightbulb, but overall, it’s nicely done.

Thanks for c&c guys i’m having some minor sett backs though my teacher has erased our harddrives including my texture files. Now i have to find them all again.