My first real skeletal animation

Now that i have my web site up and running i can show everyone my chezzy animation tests.

Screen shot
Its only 184k

here is a test i did with my first skeletons. :-?

At the end when the guy lands on his feet it looks wrong, he needs to have spun more by that point, but otherwise looks good.

work on the timing and add some weight :slight_smile:
nice start :slight_smile:

cya henrik

good start!

it could need some tweaking to all things, like better camera work, and the dude that is kicked, why not move him as well…

but as it is now, it is WIP, but tweak it a bit :wink:

The second guy should move too, and the first guy needs to bend down when he lands. Otherwise it looks pretty good for a first animation.

Cool, as he spins I’d recomend, keeping his knees up tight against his body a little longer, so that his axis of spin is more convicing. Then stretch them out a bit as he drops, in anticipation off landing - but not too much as he is still gonna land on his feet with his knees bent. Then once his feet hit the ground, his body will still keep moving down so he kinda crouching, then he would push up with his knees to finally stand staight.
Look at gymnasts and the way they absorb impacts.Then form more realism add a slight wobble as he find ballance.

Thaks for all the advice everyone. I will do some changes and post a newer vid later. :slight_smile: