My first *real* try at textures now finished

Hi all,

I’m new to the forum but I’ve been trying out Blender for few months now. Here’s my first real try at the textures. Took me about six hours to do.
Any comments are welcome… :slight_smile:


very nice, it seems just a little burst the wall on the top.

btw, what is it?

It is very nice.

Some things that would make it better:

a) Turn down the spec value for the wall. Looks too shiny for what a wall should be.
b) The metal ring around the glass ball should also have the spec turned down some as well. If it is rusted and dented, like you have, it should not be shiny all around.
c) Use AO along with an area light to get a really nice light set up for the final render. Will make it look a lot better too.

Nice work though. I really like the textures you have used.



Thanks for the comments. It’s supposed to be a window of an imagined submarine - I didn’t go for too much reality in modeling (on purpose). You’re right, the window does burst out a little. I must think on how to get it better.

And I can now see what you mean about the spec value. True… the wall is too shiny … as well as the rust. I’ll test it out as soon as I can… AO I doesn’t understand… what is it?


AO is Ambient Occlusion. You can find it under the World buttons, after you add a new world. It provides a sort of global illumination lighting. You will need raytracing turned on in the render options for it to work.

Play with the settings until you get the results that you like.


Heres an article i wrote about AO.

you have a good start. Do everything BgDM said and it’ll be great.
love the textures.

Thanks for the comments! I’ll keep studying more and post the image when I get it right :slight_smile:


I think these textures are very good; are they painted?
It sort of reminds me of Riven, like one of those underwater viewports you can look into…

I made the textures in Photoshop after I had taken few photos of white-painted metal that had been rusting away. Then cloning different areas of the rust I worked to cover the whole picture.


Those textures look really good.

I’m sort of a n00b too.

And I haven’t ever made a “real” texture either.

What tutorial did you follow to make those textures?

Thats if you actually used a tutorial.

But yeah, nice work. :smiley: :slight_smile: :smiley:

The basics came from the Blender tutorial:

I tried the UV texturing first but it was kinda hard for me … :wink: