My first realistic face

Shooting for realism (and artistic beauty). My reference photos for this are blurry so I didn’t UV map an image on her. Tried using procedural textures I found here on these forums and since it’s fairly dark, they look alright. Tell me where I can improve. Not happy with the lips at all, anyone got any advice?

here is is

the lips look too fat, try to make them smaller somehow. some hair would be nice too

tweaked lips. Fixing to start on eyebrows, then hair. Then probably some kinda indoors background, not sure what yet though.

The eyes seem a bit too far away from each other to me. I’m not sure if it’s because of personal preference or something else, but perhaps if you moved them ever so slightly towards the nose bridge. It doesn’t have to be much.

added eyebrows using hair particle system. Played with them forever and still not happy.

lastest image, no SSS or raytracing for hair(to save render time). Using both SSS and raytracing for a render before I go to bed, will post pic in morning.

eh, I stayed up and waited for it. So here it is.

So, think she needs that little pink thing in the corner of her eyes. Maybe bring them closer together. Still not happy with eyebrows. Alittle more hair at her part to cover that up, and some by the right of her neck to fill that out. New way to do the lips to make them look real. What else do I need?

You said that you are shooting for realism - isnt the face a bit too blue/grey than or is it because of lighting? excellent modeling (kicks butt compared to mine).

lost blue light. Tweaked nose, added that thing in the eye (whats it called?) and tweaked hair. Will work on it more after work.

This looks really good. I am still pretty new to blender and I would like to know where you got your information on how to make it or if you just worked it until it looked good. Keep up the good work.

Thanks HJ05. Can’t really point to any one source on where I got my info…they eyes are based off the pixar looking eyes from the Wiki blender noob to pro tutorial. Eyebrows I got from a video tutorial on that…but his look better then mine.

Hair was trial and error. Basically got about 20 or 30 hairs on her with 200 children each. I would edit each of the 20 hairs vertice by vertice. They still don’t bend right. I can make a hair come out of the head and immediately curve, it goes straight the first segment which is a huge pain to look natural.

This skin I got from these forums, but the sample came with about seven textures and I couldn’t use all of them. Small veins didn’t show up at all, and the spots where too large so my .blend file is a mess with unused textures. Still new myself trying to learn the tricks to the art.

This is really nice…

…I would suggest using multi-layered SSS for her skin as described in the BlenderArt Magazine #16.

If it is Pixelvores skin you are talking about it’s hard to get to look good that close up. A UV-mapping is pretty much the only thing that does the job, however if you get a shoulder or something in the shot and don’t want to go to the trouble of mapping it you could use that.

On the modelling in general I think it’s good, but if you’re shooting for photo-realism you still have a bit to go. The eyes are too big IMO, normal for a animated person but too big for a real one. Your lower eyelid can’t be rounded where the eye closes, it should be flat. (Can’t really explain better, hope you understand what I mean). The lips and the rest is more of a matter of taste. I think you could deflate the lips a tiny bit, but not by reducing the actual lips but the area just above and just below.

Hope you find something worth listening too, if you don’t agree just ignore me :wink:

That is really great. I can’t really offer much for suggestions. But keep it up! It will look great on your portfolio.

Here is latest image and probably close to last. Still don’t know what to do about lips.

About the eyes, I don’t know why they look so big. I have orthographic view on all my renders. To give you an idea on what my model looks like from different angles…

This is same angle, ortho on with no hair.

This is front angle, ortho on with no hair.

This is front angle, with ortho off no hair.

And this is render angle with ortho off no hair.

So, as you can see, the eyes look fine from the front. I twist the head a big and I get this cartoony look. But they look big with ortho on or off, and the rest of the face looks better with it on.

Goofing off added a body I had. Don’t know if I will armature it or not yet.