my first realtime character

behold! :smiley:

Yes, my very first game character - hooray for me!
I don’t have a game to put him in though, heh. Don’t really have a clue about that stuff really. I modeled, textured and ‘quickly’ rigged him over the last 4 days. I am however on neither point sure if it’s done in the right way (to actually be used in a game) at all.

I imagined him as a sort of creep/mob the player fights or otherwise interacts with. Would that be reasonable?

  • 680 tris
  • 256x256 texture

it’s a stoneimp! partly stone, partly… not. :stuck_out_tongue:
These are shadeless renders/potato views out of blender.

And here is a walk+turnaround clip.

Anyone got some useful resources/information on asset creation like that, for today’s games?
Anyway, C&C of course welcome :slight_smile:

Nice! Textures very blurry and stretched though. Good low poly modelling though :slight_smile:

Well thanks!
You are right but there really wasn’t much to work with on the tiny map. I will try to plan ahead further and use the texture space more efficiently next time. I’m still not much of a texture artist though. :frowning:

Really appreciate the comment.

(sry for the screwed up link to the clip - should be fixed now)

Hmm… He needs more depth in the texturing, maybe a little more contrast too?