My First Render. Bear with me.

Hey everyone, I just thought I would share my first render with you. Although I have had Blender sitting on my PC for about a year, I never really took the time to start learning it until 2 hours ago, lol. But anyways, here it is, a crappy render of my PC Monitor minus the buttons, real shape and purty LED lights.

I was gonna add a texture to the screen but Blender crashed right after I saved the JPEG so I lost everything -_-.


Only took you 2 hours to learn how to press F2 and enter real fast twice…took me a few months…

More light…Light is good…Stars bad!

Too bad you lost the file, Next time put on OSA it looks a bit blocky now. And about the model: The stars doesnt fit the scene. Thats it! Keep it up!