My first render. Critique needed

This is one of my first ever attempts with blender. So how does it look? I know the scene is simple, but how are the models, textures, and lighting? Also, the plaster is procedural. So I hope it looks realistic enough. How can I improve? And thank you all for your feedback.

“Woo hoo!!” It looks fantastic!! (And I mean that …) Nice materials and textures on everything that you have done here. The lighting is very nice. I’d love to have that chair in my den.

Now … what could you perhaps do next, to improve it? Here are a few ideas:

(1) The base of the lamp, as currently textured, definitely tends to disappear into the backdrop. A darker shade – “let’s make it a blue lamp” – might be the simplest solution.

(2) You should add multiple sources of light and perhaps use different colors. As you see, the edge of the wall basically doesn’t exist. The baseboards tell us that it must be there, but the walls don’t. Shadows are an extremely important part of the overall 3D illusion. Looking around the scene, we see a lot of places where “shadow action” ought to be taking place where it right now isn’t.

(3) “Set dressing” is a fairly-refined theatrical art, and with good reason. It consists of the stuff that might be hanging on the wall, sitting on the floor, hanging on the chair, sitting on the table. Of course this stuff helps to further “the 3D illusion,” but it also helps to tell a visual story.

“Clap yourself on the back – then, get busy.” :smiley:

Thank you! Really, thank you! That helps a lot really. Blender is a lot of fun, but it easy to just apply a few textures and then be like, “Now what does it need?” So thank you for helping me get past that part.


It depends what you’re going for. Are you going for a cartoony look?

If you’re trying for realism:
Your models are too “chunky” for real life. Check out reference of real chairs.

Real chairs are made of separate pieces of wood joined together. You should model it that way…it’ll be easier to texture and look more realistic. Your chair looks like molded plastic.

The table leg is the type you’d have bolted to a floor in a cafe, so if this is supposed to be a home, then you probably wouldn’t have a table like that.

You should also tone down the depth of the bump/normal mapping. The grain of the wood should be more subtle.

The height of the chair is too low for the height of the table.

It seems like the lamp is turned on, but the room seems brightly lit, so there’s no need to have the lamp lit.

Hope that helps!

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I am going for realism, so I deeply appreciate your feedback! I’ll try to use the metric measurements for the meshes next time, rather than just eyeballing it. I’ll work on the other areas too.