My first render in Blender. Any advice or Critique would be greatly appreciated


That’s really good for your first render. Did you create the assets yourself?

Yes. All assets are created by me. After months of practice i created this image that can be uploaded.

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Nice. Great job then, that must of been a lot of work. Can’t say I’m the greatest when it comes to interior architecture and modeling furniture and stuff. But you did a darn good job. :+1:

Thank you very much

Great work!!!

I have some minor suggestions (though the renders already looks amazing):

  • Looking at the window it appears to be daytime, so there probably wouldn’t be any lights on at home :wink:
  • If you still want to have the lights on, I’d make the light of the bed lamp a bit less yellow
  • Did you use Filmic? The top of the cupboard seems a bit overexposed
  • I don’t think anyone would place a small plant in a corner like that, because you wouldn’t be able to see it. Maybe replace it with something bigger?
  • Perhaps add some texture to the walls and lower the white color? Never use 100% white in your renders (or 100% black)
  • Maybe you could shrink the size of the rug texture a bit, it still looks quite large.
  • Since it’s 2019 I’d give the computer screen a 16:9 ratio size instead of 4:3 :wink:

These are just suggestions, I’m only trying to help you, not just to criticize. As I already said: great work! Especially the fabrics! :+1::+1::+1:


lovely first render, the lighting is well done and I love also the warm atmosphere of the render. As I repeat like a broken tape with most renders is that it needs imperfection to be perfect. 3d renders can look quite fake when everything is flawless, as you know real objects suffer from ware and tear , can be tiny cracks, dirt or dust.

Of course some renders are meant to look somewhat fake , so in the end it comes down to you as an artist and the feelings you want to generate with this piece of art.

Another suggestion is the background, I would have chosen a more contrasting color, not something necessarily saturating but not too similar with the color of the walls to make the render stand out more. I have also found out that gradients work great as background possibly because they remind us of the sky.

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Thank you very much. I will definately follow your advice and will upload asap.

Thanks for your suggestions. Will make a note of it

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as you have suggested i have made some changes, please have a look
lowered the indoor lights intensity
this time i have used filmic
HDRI for lighting
added brick texture to walls
scaled rug texture size
rescaled monitor to 16:9 ration :wink:
is there anything i can change for better results?
Thank You very much for all your suggestions

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as you have suggested i did some changes, i tried adding surface imperfection to assets but not getting desirable results. Can you please tell me node setup for adding surface imperfections.
Thank you very much for all your advice and suggestions.

Much better! :slight_smile:

A few last things though:

  • After decreasing the size of the rug’s texture, it’s pretty obvious the texture isn’t seamless. Maybe you can find an alternate texture or just make it seamless by using Photoshop / Gimp.
  • The ceiling lamps look a bit fake. Maybe change its texture as well :wink:
  • Your last render had that realistic feel because of the sun light hitting the room which added all these beautiful shadows. I am afraid this scene looks a bit dull now without that, so I would add it back as it brings much more energy and realism to the room. Don’t make it too bright though.

Again: just trying to help here! :wink:

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thank you very much for the quick reply. i will make those changes asap.
can you please help me with sun lamp exposure settings? because even if i lower the strength some areas are getting overexposed.

  • Do you have Filmic enabled? You should be able to crank the light intensity high enough without overexposure. You could also add some more soft lights to parts of the render that are too much in the shadow. I liked the lighting of your first render!
  • Do you have glass in your window? Or is it just a simple hole in the wall?
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sorry for late reply.
yes i have filmic enabled and have glass in windows.

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To be honest, I don’t see any advantage in adding a glass window in this render since there are no reflections or caustics visible. It also probably adds a lot of render time. :wink: I’d ditch the glass, that way you probably also get better lighting in your room.

I would also rotate the sun light a bit to make it shine on objects that matter (for example the beautiful bed and desk). Now it’s only shining on the floor, which isn’t all that interesting I guess :wink:

(The light next to the bed still appears to be switched on, or is it just me?)

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Nice work man… really like it. as already many of gurus has commented and suggested, my words won’t add much.

  1. can you put all the walls and hide only form the camera but keep enabled casting shadows, bounce light etc.
  2. Render in both ways… night and day light. that will give you realistic light bounces…
  3. Proportions are too much out… do you see, that char and table mean… 2.5ft of height that is equal to 5 bricks in your image… … and if you double that or a little more around 12 bricks… that becomes 6+feet… that would reach to the window’s bottom edge… and further that height of room seems like… 30bricks = 15ft… quite huge… isn’t it… ? … I can see the window is begining from the top of cupboard…

You should either scale up all the furniture in such a way that table’s height should touch window or bring the window down so it’s base touches table’s height (a common height) and then move the wall picture down …
room shouldn’t be more then 8ft of height to give an ideal look.

I hope you won’t mind my comments.

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Thank you very much for all your advice. Will make a note of this.