My First Render - minor issues


I started learning blender a few weeks ago and I wanted to finish a still image project. This is what I got :slight_smile:

(The painting, phone and plant are not my work)

I’m very happy with the result because, as I said, I have only like 2 months or less of Blender but I know there are tweaks that have to be made

The furniture seems to plastic for me, I don’t know what I can do to make it more realistic. Any other comments will be great also. Thanks!

EDIT: Correct node for shelf wood:


The wall is well done, not issues there. The main problem, I think lies with the wooden shelf, it needs more glossiness. I would also control the glossiness using the Fresnel input node. Also you have the roughness set far too high, it now acts as a rough diffuse shader.

Try something like this, I know my node setup isn’t perfect but you get the idea.


And if that’s too glossy, try this:


Thanks Pixelgrapher for your comments, I really appreciate. I just notice now that the node I uploaded is not the shelf one but the floor. I changed the post. Anyway, I already adapted it with your suggestions :slight_smile:

So, this is the result I got after applying your suggestions, Pixelgrapher. The gloss really makes the shelf popup better. It seems more realistic now. I will tweak the floor also using the same approach and I still have to apply a bump to the mosaics on the wall, at the moment they are very flat.