My first render. (pls be nice)

This is the first render that I actually put some effort into.

Can I not?
Materials need work. They look plastic.

Any tutorial you can give me for materials?

I’d first start by working on the light – initially, “more of it!” The image right now is very under-exposed. Read up on “three-point lighting.” Remember also that light has color.

Also consider that right now there is no specular highlights anywhere – that’s what makes it look like plastic.

One of the best pieces of advice a photography mentor ever gave me is: “Look at the light.” Not the subject – what is the light(!) doing?

Second, you might wish to consider how you want to combine the weapon with the flag backdrop. Do you want hard or soft shadows to land on it? Or, might it work better to composite the two images, separately rendered?

This is a classic “bulls-eye” composition, but the camera can be placed anywhere. For instance, moving it a lttle bit up and a little bit to one side now gives the audience a point-of-view that can more clearly see the top and say the back of the object.

The modeling, I think, is very good, and that’s obviously where you started.