my first render since comp crashed

my comp recently crashed and i lost everything i had so i decided t ostart simple again. heres the render:

im having trouble with the asteroid it lookes more like a laser any tips?

c&c wanted!!!

here is a larger pic:

I actually like the laser. Like some bigger planet needed that area for its super space highway. (If you think you know where i got that from your smart)
The rings need some work though. They look more like they are solid than they are made up of tiny rocks. Dont know how to fix it except for the hard way.

ok resonable i dont know where its fom though. and about rings it was a test render and im more worried about said ‘laser’ then rings at the moment my planes for rings are to subdived a few times and delete virticales making it look more like debris

Ok. (The suggestion is from a Sci-fi book “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” by Douglas Adams) Are you going to keep the laser look or try more for the comet/asteroid look?

i think ill start a second one and try out both cus the laser ling sounds pretty cool now

Ok then. Heres how I think you can improve on the comet version.
Make the actual rock viewable.
Show some of it breaking apart due to the impact.
Have the tail of the asteroid a LOT shorter and blue and not a straight line.
Have it get thinner as gets farther away from the asteriod.

ok thanks that seems resonable i will have an update by tomorow

Ok good luck. Ill be at work so ill post about the result sunday.

and also have its trail get more transparent as it gets further away

(btw looking good)