My First Render (That I dare show anyway)

Hello Everyone,

Below is the first render that I am comfortable showing.

Tools used:
DAZ Studio for the cat - In my defense, let me just say that I am currently focusing on scene composition, lighting rendering…not modeling.

L-System for the tree…even though you can only see a few branches, I created an entire tree using the amazing script.

Plant Studio2 for the plant vine in the forground - VRML export works the best.

GIMP for minor cleanup - as I had a few very bright green dots - I think they may have come from the particle system used for the grass.

Wood Workshop - for the wood texture on the table as well as the fence.

Things I learned:

A little about UV mapping - the lamp was UV mapped using found pictures and the GIMP.

I think I have gained a better understanding of the difference between Z transparency and ray transparency. I initially wanted to use a backbuf image for the render, but, I also wanted to see thru the glass and have reflections. If I understand correctly, you can’t see a backbuf thru a ray transparency, and you can’t both see thru and get reflections from a Z transparency.

Things I am still confused about:

The particle system. Even when I use the smallest values allowed, I still seem to get grass that is way to long. I initially wanted more of a city turf look than a country (who cares how long my grass is) look. Another thing, in one test, I moved the plane with the grass particles 8 light years due east and it still rendered as if I was up close and paersonal.

Sorry for rambling, here is the pic.


Woah! :o This is excellent!

I really like this! Keep this up and I think you have potential for some sweet stuff! = )

I like it. Did you ever mess with particles for the cat? In any case very nice.

Very nice job. Only critic : the lace under the pot is too flat, it should be 3D, too.

I had thought about using particles for the cat fur, but I had such a hard time wit the grass, that I thought I’d wait for the time being. I also used particles for the imperfection (threads) on the lamp shade.

As for the lace doily, I did disturb the surface a little, but for the camera angle, not enough. I am also thinking I should have had more folds in the curtains.

Thanks for the replys - I love these forums, and I love Blender!!!

wow, great job. Everything looks pretty good. For the grass, try scaling down the plane and/or reducing the life a lot. Sometimes you just have to fiddle with it for a while. Great peice, keep blending!

Hello everyone,

I changed the grass, controling the length with “Life” as sugested. It just didn’t seem intuitive, controling a static particle with “Life”.

I added folds to the sheers, and increased the alpha from 0 to .25. I like them a little better, but the vertical lines of the folds somehow seem to break up the picture.

I also rotated the lace doily to show the wrinkle.

Can anyone tell me how much time they usually spend post processing for various kinds of problems? I guess I don’t want to have to spend any more time than I have to.

So, what type of things do you post process an image for? I know that compositing is one reason, but I’d like to get a feel for what kind of problems you “fix” in an image program, rather than correct by some technique in Blender.

Thanks for your time.


I realy like your render, just one recamendation: I would think the rim on the lamp(the curten on the lamp)would look better if it would be set to a higher subsurf level. :smiley:

The grass and the lighting were much better in the first one. The cat’s tail has a rod in it beyond the bend and doesn’t taper, and the elbow on its front leg looks like it has an big, fatty growth on it. The hind legs look like they’re hovering above the table and the front legs are in mid-air. You could use the new sheers but I thought they looked good enough in the first pic. The brown base of the lamp needs some material/texture work to give it form.

Bottom line for post pro (beyond a frame and copyright) is gamma correction and color saturation/correction, they shouldn’t take too long. Read Robertt’s (sticky) Post Pro thread in the Traditional forum.

Cool pic!