My first render with blender

Hello folks,

Here it is my first render working with blender (I have read a modelling tutorial, but i dont have any idea about texturing or lighting, even set the camera to focus de mesh was a hell :expressionless: )

However I am happy with the final result, the image looks red because I have used two soft red lights… Perhaps it seems a bit plastic but I like the shadows…

Any C&C is welcomed… I would like to be a better renderman like all of you. So any advise or tutorial is welcomed too.

Sorry about my spelling, English is not my natural tongue.


Best advice I suppose is to keep reading tutorials and keep practicing. Check out these video tutorials for some great tips. I’m awfully new myself, and have learned a great deal with these. My first decent model came from this tutorial on creating a lizard. It’s not difficult and teaches some good techniques.

Something I didn’t know right away that is mighty handy (if you don’t already know – I mention this as you noted some trouble arranging the camera): position your view where you’d like the camera to be, then press Shift+Alt+0 to set the camera in that position. You’ll never manually move the camera into position again!

I’m not sure what to say about the piece, it seems like a pile of red goop. :smiley:

Dunno, it’s like Patrick Star trying to get up.

You can get your camera to track objects too, no matter where you move them. Select the camera, shift+select your object and hit Ctrl+T, select one (I use Old Track). Deselect everything, select the camera again and press Alt+R to clear rotation. Your Camera will now always look at your object! This works with lights too and can make positioning very easy. I like the render style.

Thanks for the replies :smiley:

I apreciate them a lot… =) I will follow all your advises… I have to keep working harder hehehe… I am printing the blender handbook, and with the tutorials out there, I think I will have a good foundation.

Thanks a lot again


hope you have 800 blank pages :smiley:

anyway, looks better than my first render…
good luck, and welcome to blender! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks about the welcome :smiley:

The pages are paid by my boss :D. Investigation and Development I said to him, and he agreed :smiley: .

Well I will post my second render, 5 hours of modelling to get it… vetexs are going to kill me!!!

I dont know how texture yet… It will be my next lesson :slight_smile:

Thanks again.


PD: I will post a finished jpg when it will be done.


woah, that’s really good for a second render! mine was a circle. :smiley: I think you’re gonna go far with this, you seem like one of those naturals (unlike me)

thanks a lot StrikerMunk,

however I have to say that I began drawing an alien (like AvsP movie)… and now it is a dinosaur (my wife says it seems a snake’s head with teeths) I dont really know how to finish it. I have to see some photographs to know how is the mouth and the corpse is not decide yet…

Another trouble is the material, I dont have any idea…anybody knows a good free texture database on the web (I have try 3dCafe, but I would like to have more references)

Thanks again


Keep up the work its a painful journey but you will get there eventually