My first render

I just started using blender and followed the Blender Guru beginners tutorial about making donuts. One image is straight from blender and the others are attempts to hide the broken background.

Nice job! Keep it up, keep evolving.

The background is too flashy and it distracts from the focus. when i followed the tutorial, this was the result:

the doughnuts, plate, mug and table are done well but the lighting is poor and isnt doing it justice, take out the background and render the shot looking down on the table or have a wall behind it like SK0441, your doughnut also looks too flat i would scale it in the z axis. Your exposure is far too high, soften it and look into 1 point, 2 point and 3 point lighting setups

Thanks for the feedback guys, I do agree with the lighting. It is distracting. My thinking being that it would be overexposed in that real life situation. Of course it doesn’t yield a very good artistic impression :slight_smile: The doughnuts are flat since that are what they tend to look like here in Sweden.

Might re-visit the lighting of this one day but right now I’m doing Andrew Price’s anvil series.

Hi. Looks really good. Check this out. worked a better with lighting.

Well done, i also did the donut tutorial… now i you want to improve realism there’s plenty that could be altered, firstly donuts are not a perfect shape like that they will have defects, and you could work on the materials shaders to make them more realistic using subsurface scattering. Heres an image from my version