My first Rendered Result after hours of work from a beginner :P

So this is my first result after hours into this as a beginner.
I didnt set myself a goal to make it look special, just played around with some stuff.
Thought im going to share it with you, maybe you have some ideas to make it look better :stuck_out_tongue:
The Purple thing in the glasguy’s hand was supposed to be a Brain, but i didnt get it work correctly as i wanted to with cycle render, also there should be a text shadow appear on the ground with “OBEY”, but just didnt managed to make the Text cast a shadow :<

Pls give me some Feedback :smiley:

If you want, you can always attach your actual .blend file
so we can take a look at it for more technical answers. At
a guess, you missed a step with the text object. When you
create the text, it’s basically a glorified curve with no real-
space dimensions. (I could be wrong here, I’m not much
beyond a beginner myself.)

One way to fix that, select your text object once you have it
like you want it and then (with the mouse over the view window)
hit Alt+C. This will bring up the convert popup menu. Click on
“Convert Text to Mesh” and it will turn it into an editable object.
Mind you, you will no longer be able to edit the content of the
text, as it will be the same as a cube. It should render just fine

After that, on the object properties panel all the way at the bottom
turn off the camera visibility but leave cast shadows on. I’m most
likely getting that info a bit garbled because I’m not at my laptop
looking at the screen myself.

As for your render, I think it looks great for a first run! At first I
was going to ask what its story was until I read about the “OBEY”
part… kinda self-explanatory after that. :slight_smile:

Also, hit up youtube with the search “blender 3d tutorial”.
Trust me, you’ll find far more than you can use all at once



Thx for the response!
while creating the thread, i actually attached the blend file into it, i dont know why it isnt there :S

And i will continue the work now and try the stuff out u told me, didnt actually thought about making it into a mesh :smiley:

And yeah i always look into youtube tutorial, im just working while watching these :smiley:
But i have to learn about using shaders correctly, i had other plans in mind for this picture, but didnt worked like i wanted. I wanted to simulate water into the glas guys head but well, failed :stuck_out_tongue: im attaching the blend file now also.
Its the first time so hope its now aviable to download
greenman.blend (1.82 MB)

I finally got around to playing with the .blend file to
see what your little dude would look like with water
in his head… That, and I’m not used to working with
other people’s models like that, so I thought I’d try.

Easy enough to add, very difficult to make it look decent.

I’ll probably play with the concept some more for my
own purposes, but you’ll get credit if I do anything
serious with it. :smiley:

I’m curious to know what you’re up to and how far
you’ve gotten with your own learning…

Cool man :smiley:
Can i have a look at it maybe ?
im not continue this at the moment, i kinda start a new project every day because of so much ideas and even more stuff to learn :smiley:
But sadly i have problems with fire and smoke and even problems with realistic textures so i dont get the scenes like i want to :<
But maybe we can work on a project together as far you like create scenes only or basic animations :smiley:

This one is what im currently on

It might be a while before I can get the file up to you, got stuff
going on that kinda takes me away from my playtime… :confused:
BUT, as soon as things get right, I’m definitely getting back with
you :smiley:


Hehe okay sir, happy new year btw :smiley:

Happy New Year to you as well. My circumstances spontaneously improved, so it turned out to be one for me too.

I have to start over with your file, but at least now I’ll have time over the weekend to see if I can do something with the water effect you mentioned. The biggest thing is the refraction of the head material. Plays merry hoc with the interior…

But my whole purpose here is to learn, so… :smiley: