My first result in Blender - Appetizer Tutorial

Wasn’t sure whether this was the right place for this image or if it should of gone in “Blender tests”, if so, mods feel free to move it.
Being a long time Lightwave user, I once again decided to look at Blender since it’s revamp post 2.5, (the last time I looked was 2.47).

Having stuck with it this time around and gotten used to the interface a bit more, (much better than 2.4), I attempted the ‘Appetizer’ tutorial by AmedeoCompositions.
Here is my result.

I “cheated” a little bit as the version he was using gave a different result for the shadows only scene and I just could not get the same reaction from 2.69, so I opted for simply rendering the shadows once and creating the ‘alpha’ image by hand to match, then using these as the driver for part of the composite node as opposed to using the renderlayer from the secondary scene. I am sure someone with more knowledge would know what to tweak to compensate for that, but I am 100% newbie at Blender. :stuck_out_tongue:

I also didn’t slavishly follow the modelling process as I tackled it more the way I would in Lightwave, though the result is similar, it isn’t identical. I also chose to have the inside of the second water glass smooth instead of “mirroring” the outside.
The only thing I struggled with was the fake caustics, again, I am likely to revisit that part and simply create an image in Photoshop from the shadowpass as there were enough subtle differences to mean I could not match the result in the tutorial, plus the second water glass was throwing things off as well.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with it, certainly learned a few things and am amazed I actually understand the structure of the compositing nodes.

I cannot recommend the tutorials highly enough for those wanting to really start learning Blender.
Time to pick out a couple more to try before “flying solo”. :smiley:

I’ve included the Blend file, sans the table texture which is from CGTextures. (WoodFine0039_2_L)