My first rigged animation

A guy at work asked me if I did flash animation, and I told him no. He wanted an animated stick figure to pick up a toolbox in a PowerPoint presentation.

I asked him if he would perhaps consider another approach and showed him Blender.

The upshot was, that I made the little animation shown below. Took me quite a while because I finally had to break down and attempt to animate something with a rig (however primitive). I tried a mesh deform rig at first but it was a disaster and there were time considerations, so I went with a robot with separate objects parented to each bone. My “client” seemed to be quite pleased with the result.

(I didn’t want to mess with a walk cycle, again, time constraints for how soon he needed the animation, so he’s a “hover bot”) The cross hair in the corner is for registering the image in PowerPoint, we “stacked” three gif animations on top of one another and then used Powerpoint to animate the transition between them. It starts with a gif of the robot just hovering. When the mouse is clicked, it transitions to the one below, which, after a time, transitions to one of the robot hovering, but holding the toolbox out to his left.

edit: Weird… my image link is gone…

Aren’t robots a breath of fresh air? Very nice – make a blender man out of your client!

Well, he was pretty impressed with what you can do in Blender. He downloaded 2.57b that very night. I think he will continue with it, tho he did find it a bit intimidating.

I’m struggling with the transition to 2.5x. I keep having to hunt for stuff that isn’t where I expect it to be, and I keep hitting the spacebar to add new objects, tho I found a way to fix that little issue, just haven’t gotten around to doing it, but I plan to swap the functions of the spacebar and ctrl-a.