my first robot, designed by me

This is my first bigger blender project, I’ve designed the robot myself and I think it took about a total of 24h to make.

Because this is the first time I’ve made a detailed model in blender, I’d like to hear what you think, what I can do better and so on.

i think you should try to put the robot in a scene because with the blue background its a bit boring. the robot could stand o a stone and behind the stone theres the blue sky. you know what i mean?

The model is good i think. maybe you should make the eye more lense like.

Nice concept. Oddly original.

Yea, I see what you mean. I’ve never made landscapes or that kinda stuff but I’ll try my best.
About the eye, do you mean I should make the eye look more like a camera or something? can you maybe give an example?

I love the design, it looks a bit like an i-pod and an office chair produce offspring. It seems ominous but also has the potential of displaying other emotions.

Model wise it looks good. The only thing i would change is the toes/fingers. I dont know why but i would expect the tips to be less rounded, or at least textured for grip.

Image wise I like the sparse look, you might try the new sunsky for a nice blended background? either way, great model

ROFL, you’re kind of right…

I’m looking at the design, there’s no joints in the legs, or if there were, it doesn’t look like they could move because of that thinner bar. I think that it would be really difficult for the thing to walk with stiff legs like that.

I also think that you should set some kind of scene, like LittleGamer3 said.

Other than that, great job and great design, like something I might have in my house in the future.

Actually I think it looks a bit like the sentries from Portal.

Is it just me, or do the legs not look so bendable? The hydraulics don’t seem conducive to much articulation.

I thought for cuite a long time before I made the legs like this. it should work because there’s hydralics in the foot and body that pulls in the thinner “tube”
or extends it, this make the legs go upp and down and also makes the foot able to turn. Think about it, it should work.

More contrast and some textures would be cool. Maybe you could rig it and bring it life, animate it…

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Ok here goes:

Ok I know that the rock may not be so goodlooking but I’ve never made a rock before.
And also:

![ 5.jpg]( 5.jpg)

Here I’ve moved the leg a bit so you can see how the legs are supposed to move.

I’m very sorry but I don’t really know how to rig a character yet, I’ve tried but it has only failed every time.