my first scene in blender

hi all. this is my first scene in blender, inspired by a tutorial blender nerd. rendered with blender internal.

I found it very difficult to illuminate the scene

While there are some areas that could use work, your wall texturing is very very nice. The bump mapping and way the desk-lamp light hits it brings the level of realism of the wall miles beyond the other elements in the scene.

On the good side, you have done a good job unwrapping the mattress. You seem to have a good idea of how to use the uv editor which is actually a really good thing as you will be using it quite a bit.
Now for the critiques. It isn’t bad for a beginning, but everything seems a bit flat. What you could do for starters is, with that mattress texture, tick the Normal check box under the geometry influence. That will make it look like the mattress has bumps instead of being painted with the texture. Next, for the tile flooring, first, who has tiles inside their bedroom? Second, they too are a bit flat. You can use a program like gimp to create a black and white outline of the tiles and that will make it look like the tiles are rough instead of painted to the floor.

Finally, I don’t see much of a story behind the render. It is good for just learning, but you will find that if you can get a story behind the picture, it will look a whole lot better.

All I can really say now is, keep at it. This looks a whole lot better than my first scenes ever did. I am sure that if you follows enough tutorials and play around with it enough, you will get the hang of it.

Thanks, i’ll take their advice. I’m learning to unwrap thanks to Andrew Price