my first scene... it's a chair.

Not bad for a first scene. Good texture, is it procedural?


what do you mean by procedural?

The textures that blender can generate (ie. those in the material buttons outside the image and plugin slots)

Very nice, i like the mood that it gives. Reminds me of a scene from Driver. Might want to go for a higher quality render tho. Ill leave the telling of how to do this to the more knowledgable members of the blend community :wink:


Just noticed that the shadows are too crisp. Might want to make them a bit more difused.

all of the textures are ones i have found on various sites.

Nice first scene…

You might want to try a bigger texture for the floor - it looks a bit pixelated (stretched beyond it’s limit).

The shoadow would look more natural if it had a slightly softer edge to it.

Nice work, especially the texture.
Some OSA would be nice.

Very nice work, I like especialy the lighing of scene!


The shadow is baaaaaaaad.
I can see that the sticks in the back of the chair aren’t really attached to the “sitting part” :wink:
See what I mean?

Consider unsing this lamp setup. so the shadow is no completely black.


1: spotlamp pointing at you chaire (energy at 0.7)
2: hemi lamp(energy at 0.3)

I like the look. Lighting could help bring detail out of the shadows, and the model could use the back fixed, but it is nice work nonetheless.

The texture is also nice, but I would tone down the saturation a tad.