My first scene

hi, this is my first go at a house, so go easy! :wink: also, all comments are greatly appriciated (i know its pretty poor!). Also does anyone know any good ways to make trees because my tree is just a UV sphere and a poorly textures circle extruded!

you will have to copy and paste the link :frowning:


  • Alee

You should give the link if you want us to copy and paste

but…it takes longer to figure it out than if you’d written it.

Ok, there are some scripts that might help. You can search for them here on Elysiun. RipSting’s Fiber Generator could help improve grass, and the LSystem makes great trees. Other than that, just improving textures and lighting. You can see individual faces on the pillars in front as well (Set smoothe will take care of it, unless you wanted it that way).

Cool, someone else building a house at the same time (yeah, I’m also building one :)). Some idea’s:

  • Make the windows transparent
  • Some sort of background would look cool, or at least a sky or sky-like color in the background, so it doesn’t look that grey
  • The pillars in front of the house could be a little smaller
  • The texture used for the walls and the pillars doesn’t really look right. This can probably be solved if you go to the materials screen, then select “cube” instead of “flat” at the ‘map input’ tab (if you’re using Blender 2.30, else these buttons will flow somewhere in the middle of the materials window)

About the trees: just take a look here, I had the same problem:

Good luck.

Cool Render, I really like the blue and green materials on the balls. The font is cool, too :slight_smile: