My First Scene

I just have finished my first project with Blender. this is great tool and it’s productivity is amazing!. I have rendered a chess set which I really wanted to have.

Couple of things,

What I need to add here is focul blur and nice wood texture.
I haven’t found nice focul blur method except motion-blurring thru camera path, which maybe be ok but it gives linear fading out outline. What I’d like to see in Blender is cubic-fading blur like real focul blur as seen in real camera. I have seen some people exactly do that with blender, but I can’t figure out how. anyone?

And for wood texture, I have experimented with multiple layers of wood textures supplied with Blender to simulate real-complex layer of wood grain. but it looked so pony so I went for just black/white look.

[img ]http ://image_url[/img ]
without spaces :slight_smile:

You’ve done a good job on the modelling there, except the knight looks a bit ‘wide’. Overall it’s a nice image.

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