My First Scene

This is one of my first blender scenes. I was hoping I could get a critique thanks!:yes:(edit) Please tell me anything it helps

Any advice is welcomed.

For a first scene its some damn strong work! Everything looks accurately modeled, materials are generally good (floor might be a bit too shiny, I’m not sure what the shelf-unit is supposed to be made of, and the blanket’s strong bump is making it look more like a towel) but it’s some high fidelity work for a first go.

My criticisms are mostly conceptual; it’s a very bland image both in idea and execution. Straight-lined modernist furniture in a blank white room with flat white lighting. The colors are dull and no part of the image is focused on or emphasized by either composition or lighting.

I mean that’s fine, there’s always a place for boring generic architectural renders, but you might want to push the image into something moodier. Have you tried playing around with harsher, more dramatic lighting? Or making a “damaged” or abandoned version of the room? An image with a story to tell. Doing something with a bit more emotional oomph next time will give us more to advise you on in relation to your compositional and lighting skills. Keep it up!

OK thanks :eyebrowlift2:. I think is a great start for a 14 year old. Ill try and work on it some more. The shelf is supposed to be sort of a gloss metallic material. I do realize it is bland, that’s kind of what I needed help in. I think ill try for more of an abandoned scene as you said.